AsteriskNow Installation Problem

hello guys,
i am new to Asterisk and linux hence i preferred to install Asterisk now than asterisk
But strucked at this error

That’s not an error. Simply insert the disk!

Otherwise you are going to have to provide rather more detail. Also, this is a case where the Asterisk Now Support forum would have been the most appropriate.

reinserted but no use still asking the same

Whilst my guess would be that your hardware requires a driver that is available on the original CentOS install disks, but not on the AsteriskNOW one, you are likely to need to say exactly where in the install process it asks for you to load the disk.

In any case, you stand a slightly better chance of finding AsteriskNOW knowledge on AsteriskNOW Support.

Note that that forum should really only contain AsteriskNOW installation problems, so a more specific subject would be desirable.

tried again freshly still hanged at same situation have a look at this

I notice you have added a screen shot.

Are you sure this is AsteriskNOW and not FreePBX Distro? It seems strange to me that a Digium supplied distribution would advertise a competitor from their installer.

It looks to me as though the disk is missing an AMD 64 (x86_64) architecture kernel.

A web search finds a hit on suggesting that:

  1. it isn’t AsteriskNOW
  2. it is the result of a bad download of the ISO image.

can you post the Sha1 of Asterisknow 5.2.11 it installed successfully,
problem is with 6.12
i am getting this sha1 [quote]e125615178e672b2f597f81b8f5bcc151d4bf50c[/quote]
can you post the sha1

It does seem that AsteriskNOW lets through a lot of the schmooze branding, but overall, it looks like either a file is missing from the disk, or there is a problem accessing it.

One other thought. Do you have an unusually small disk?

if we select [quote]full install Advanced[/quote]we will get the schmooze brand

[*]no i am installing on vmware hdd is 40 GB

[*]may be with corrupted iso only

[*]hence to confirm it i am asking md5 and sha1 checksum

[*]or else can anyone upload a torrent (which will help to overwrite the corrupted area of iso)