Asterisk installation help

Hello I need to install the asterisk 1.2.17 and I need someone to guide me how to do this. I already Downloaded the file from . I burned it on a cd and I have Fedora core 6 installed. Thank you

this is an oldish guide to installing Asterisk & FreePBX on Centos.

It’s still pretty good though. Ignore the bits about getting Asterisk etc. from SVN, at the ‘getting the required files’ point use the current release versions - I’d get them direct from downloads.
Likewise, get FreePBX from

You could use the 1.4 versions of Zaptel and Asterisk + Freepbx 2.3 - Asterisk 1.2 is not going to be updated for much longer.
The only real difference in the build sequence is that you need to do a
./configure before you do the make and make install steps, which is not needed with the 1.2 file.

The general file structure is the same between Centos & Fedora, so you should not have any problems. (Fedora has all the latest and not neccesarily well tested packages, RH Enterprise linux & Centos have versions that have been tested to death for reliability).