Polycom call parking

Hello everyone

I have just bought 15 phones, i got 11 polycom 301’s and 4 aastra 9133i’s. so far both phones are working great, however, the polycoms i cant figure out how to park calls with properly.

When i call the polycom with another phone and park it the call doesnt get transfered to the lot like it does with the aastras. the originating caller is still on hold with the phone that picked up the call, while that phone (the called one) is connected to the parking lot.

I have been reading around on the voip-info wiki as well as the forums and not finding what im looking for.

any help would be appreciated.
thanks so much

You should search in the forum too before posting.

forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php? … om+parking

im sorry but that doenst help me :confused:
is there a patch i must apply that you have created? i am currently runnint 1.2.10

could this be a DTMF issue ? are you sure that Asterisk is reading your DTMF correctly ? a simple Read() and SayDigits() will suffice.

i added this to my dialplan
exten => 601,1,Answer
exten => 601,n,Read(secret)
exten => 601,n,SayDigits(${secret})

and i called it up and dialed all the digits and they were all read back properly

can you post a verbose log for a call park ?

How are you parking the call, using blind transfert from the phone or the blind transfer from Asterisk ?

all ive done is included the parked calls context into my dialplan. then from my aastras, they have softkeys that transfer, so i transfer to exten 700 and that works fine. the polycoms have a tranfer button on screen under the “more” menu.

as for blind transfer im not quite sure what that is. but like i said i didnt change anything so what ever the default is :confused:

i’ll get a log when i can… right now im not at work so i cant do the transfer and log it…

polycom phones default to an ATTENDED transfer - you need to BLIND transfer to the parking lot.

on my polycom 501 (running an older SIP firmware) i need to hit Trnsfer, then Blind. i don’t have an active parking lot on this system, so i cannot test, but that should work.

ok, i’ll try the blind transfer, i didnt see that before, but that looks promising

thanks guys

the blind parking works fine, however it does not read off the parking spot assigned to the person on hold. also can i change the default behaviour of the polycoms to do blind parking

In order to hear the parking extension when I park with my polycom, I have to do the following:

Press Transfer softbutton
Dial 700
Press Send
Listen to Park Extension announcement
Press Transfer softbutton

When I use the blind transfer I do not hear the park extension announcemnet. You have to use the attended transfer to hear the anouncement otherwise the system just “blindly” accepts your transfer request, and disconnects you.