Need Help to call parking!

I transfered my call to a parkedslot, and the asterisk didn’t give me a reply,and i don’t know the exactly extension where my call was parked? Has anyone solved the problems ?

This is my extensions.conf

include => parkedcalls


Here is the features.conf

parkext => 5100
parkpos => 5101-5120
context => parkedcalls
parkingtime => 60

I use snom360 softphone(the number is 8001). I pick up a call from 8003.
I push the button “Transfer” and dial the number 5100. as a result the call from 8003 hang up. but I can’t hear the voice from asterisk to tell me the park slot of the call from 8003.

Any feedback will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

I was just playing with call park last night. I did not have to add anything to my extensions.conf except for the include -> parkedcalls line. I do not think the 4 lines you have at ext 5100 are needed. I did not add any lines like this and my call parking works with park location annoucement, and I am able to retreive the parked calls.

Try commenting out those 4 lines you have assosciated with park and reload youe extension.conf file and try again. The system automatically assigns the park extension. After doing this exexute a “show dialplan” from the asterisl console and you should see a call park extension at 5100


Thank you for your reply!
and following your instructions, I have solved the problem.
Thanks again for your kind hearted help!