Polycom Call Parking

Can anyone tell me a possible solution for this.

Have Polycom 501s and one 601 using Asterisks (of course). The user wants a very simple way of putting a caller on hold so that the call can then be picked up on any other phone in a very simple way.

Right now, the user has to push “Transfer”, 70, “Transfer”. And then on the any other phone the user would have to dial 71, “Dial” in order to pick up the call. This complicated method is pissing off the user.

It would seem like there should be a way to maybe park the call through a simple key stroke somewhere, and then the pickup would likewise be through a simplified keystroke.

Maybe a key could be programmed. I really don’t know.

Would appreciate any feedback on this.


I’m working on this problem today. I’ve got a Polycom 601 sitting next to me. If I figure it out I’ll let you know what I did. If you’ve come up with any more information let me know, I’d love to make call parking work with the park feature of the Polycom phones.


please post if you come up with it. It is on my list but hasn’t bubbled to the top. I don’t think it will be possible with the park feature (although hopefully I’m wrong) as I believe that is tied to shared appearance functionality which isn’t on the polycom yet. I will also post if/when it bubbles up if someone doesn’t beat me to it.


Here is what I did to simply the transfering process. In the features.conf for the unattended process, choose something like ##.

Then remap the tranfer hard button to emulate #. (We can only emulate a single key press). So, when the user want to park the call or transfer, all they do is press the transfer button twice then enten the extension.

Nothing more.

If you need more détails about my sip.cfg files for the Polycom, just ask. In the features.conf this is very easy.

I appreciate the attention my question has drawn. However, I want to make sure that everyone understands that I’m looking for a solution that is even much more simple than Dimitripitro’s. Unfortunately, this is for my CEO and has to be EXTREMELY simple. In fact, he’s pissed that it’s not just push the Hold button and pick it up on another phone. He can’t understand why this $12,000 system is so “antequated” - as any modern system can do that. So, I would really appreciate it if anyone can come up with a reasonable solution.


I’m with you, cavaughan. As I go through the whole sales cycle with my clients I have to explain to them that this is a PBX, not a key system. So far they’ve been happy. Sounds like you’re on the other side of the fence though. That can’t be fun.

What I would LOVE to see is some way to get the Park softkey working natively in Asterisk. I’m not a fan of the # key transfer scenario because I really don’t want Asterisk to be in the path of all the phones for the rtp stream. If I can keep the phones talking directly to each other and to the PSTN gateway I can get more out of each server I deploy. That and acts more like Call Manager when it works that way.

Heaven for me would be hitting the park key and having the slot number displayed on the phone. Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer so I might have to donate money toward a bounty for that feature if it doesn’t already exist and I’m just a moron for not finding it.


What you are looking for is Shared Line Appearance like every keysystem offert. This is not currently supported by Asterisk. So there is no way for the moment to put the call on hold and to take it on another phone directly with Asterisk. Some say that this function should be part of the next release of Asterisk in June, but nothing confirmed.

yes shared appearance is what is desired. However, if a line could be confgured for a one touch button to park the call, you might be able to get close. Program another line to dial an extensions which calls a call script and uses the manager to check if any calls are parked. If so and only one, then automatically connect to that call. If multiple, then query the user which call they want to pickup. This has been on my back boiler - first the one touch call parking, then look into the script.

So … you might be able to get close.