Call Hold

Can anyone tell me a possible solution for this.

Have Polycom 501s and one 601 using Asterisks (of course). The user wants a very simple way of putting a caller on hold so that the call can then be picked up on any other phone in a very simple way.

Right now, the user has to push “Transfer”, 70, “Transfer”. And then on the any other phone the user would have to dial 71, “Dial” in order to pick up the call. This complicated method is pissing off the user.

It would seem like there should be a way to maybe park the call through a simple key stroke somewhere, and then the pickup would likewise be through a simplified keystroke.

Maybe a key could be programmed. I really don’t know.

Would appreciate any feedback on this.

Please read this:

call parking? that might do the trick…unless i’m missing something.

EDIT, nevermind, i see what you’re attempting. we also have polycom 501’s and if i can ever figure out how to program the keys, i’ll try to keep you in mind.