Parked Call merging

I have noticed that when we use a park blind transfer key to a specific park location that is possible to merge another call with it. This can be an incoming call, at which time it bridges the parked call and the incoming call together thus dropping me out of even seeing the calls going on. I was told that this is how Asterisk is designed. Please tell me i was misinformed and this is something someone is working on addressing?

It is not clear what you are doing and what you are expecting to do.

The whole purpose of parking is that someone else can call into the the parking lot to retrieve the call.

ok it is easy.

I have a call, doesn’t matter what kind of call incoming or outgoing or ext to ext. I put that call on park using a 1 touch park on a phone. I parked the call on park 1(any park location this will happen on). I take an other call and then also park it on the same Park location. Those two calls are connected and I am left wondering where did my call go.

yes i know you can avoid this by not using a 1 touch park. say by using *70. But if there is a call on park it should not let you park another call on that same location and sure as all should not be connecting the call together.

does that clear it up?

I wasn’t aware of that feature. I would have expected it to reject the second call because the parking lot was busy, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable.

I just had my users report this happening twice today when using the “park” softkey on a digium phone.

call comes in, is answered and parked via the soft key (I assume this simply performs a blind transfer to *70).

Another call comes in, is answered and parked using the soft key.

Both calls get connected and dropped from the system and the two callers are now talking to each other.

Asterisk 11.13.0 on FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-19. I’ve posted in the FreePBX Distro forum and they said this must be an asterisk issue as it’s the asterisk code that handles all parking.

is this a known bug? is there a fix or newer version that prevents this???

It’s not a known bug.

Are these DPMA-configured phones?
If so, what are the values for the phones of:





And, what do you see from the Asterisk CLI? Anything suspicious?

Are people entering and leaving the parking lots very quickly?

Which lot’s getting overrun? The first lot or the last lot?

Can you reproduce it at will?