I have an Asterisk box on CentOS4.4, Asterisk 1.4.1, Zaptel 1.4.0 and have a request to make parking a call easier…if possible.

We have a combination of Cisco 7912, 7940, and 7960 phones. I’ve tried to come up with a way to mimic a single button park scenario so users don’t have to hit the more softkey, then xfer, then punch in 700, then hit xfer again. This is cumbersome and users don’t like it as we came from a CCM environment when they simply hit the Park button and away it went. Even if they do a blind xfer the call is xfer’d before they can hear what extension the call was parked on.

Can anyone point me in a direction to simplify this with creative dial plan or does anyone know how to add a softkey to a Cisco SIP load?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…I’m at a loss for this at this point.


are you not able to park a call by hitting #700 during the call? I thought that was the “normal” way.

I have a 7960 but I haven’t found a way to set the soft key/speed dials via the tftp config file.

Actually no I’m not able to park by pressing #700. Asterisk doesn’t seem to detect those digits…definitely something to look at.

you have parkedcalls included in your context and the command that dials your phones has the t option: Dial(SIP/101|20|t) right?

Yes, the t option is set and the parkedcalls context is included.

Any other thoughts? I’ve yet to dive totally in so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I think this one useful for you.


I’ve been through that link. I can park calls by xferring to 700 but not by pressing digits during an active call. I’ve tried turning off reinvites to keep Asterisk in the middle of the call with no success.

I’m still digging into this so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Anyone have any suggestions?

well I don’t know exactly what your doing to test this, but try adding a T so its like this
exten => s,1,dial(SIP/whatever|30|tT)
as the wiki says
t: Allow the called user to transfer the call by hitting the blind xfer keys (features.conf)
T: Allow the calling user to transfer the call by hitting the blind xfer keys (features.conf)

How do you detect the park-button? Dtmf?

You can always break a call, using a meetme-conferance for two persons. Then you can act on whatever dtmf that is sent.

The G option in dial is useful. Also the X-arg for Meetme() is doing the trick. I use Meetme(conf,1qdX) for this. … call+HOWTO

I’ve done a simlar setup with call transfer.
I’ve however been unable get the variable ${BRIDGEPEER} that would simplify a lot. I’ve solved it by using “meetme list verbose” to get the channelnames.

If this is what you are looking for, I can give you some details.

In your feature.conf change your blindxfer setting to *3 or something like that but with a *. Mine looks like this:

blindxfer => *3

then from a phone dial *3700

Give that a try.