Polycom soundpoint 601 park softkey doesn't work

anyone know how i can get the “Park” softkey on my polycom soundpoint 601 to work? When i press it now it just gives me a cursor on the screen. whats it asking for?

I have done many research on the web and nobody have been able to get it work.

Sorry for the bad news :smile:

is there a workaround. i.e. can i program a button to dial #70 for me? i guess i can just make a speed dial do that?

If you use the trunk, there is a new function call autopark. If you don’t use the trunk, I have manually copied this patch to the and 1.2.10 version.

This way, you can setup autopark as “**”. THen reprogram the transfert harkey on the polycom do emulate “*”. So polycom user press two time the “transfer button”.

They could also use the “*” key but they prefer using tansfer. They find this easier to remember :smile:

Here is where I’m presently with the park soft key :

When you press the park key, you enter the parking slot number ex:700, then you push park again.

When you do this, the polycom phone REFER the caller to the extension “callpark” in the same context that the caller is presently.

If you want to check the requested context, use SIP DEBUG.

— (13 headers 0 lines)—
Transfer to callpark in internal
Transfer from 236 in internal
Transmitting (no NAT) to
SIP/2.0 202 Accepted
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK50ea7bb38341B2FC;received=
From: “David G” sip:236@;tag=4BDBC505-EC7E4A44
To: sip:204@;user=phone;tag=as671e47d2
Call-ID: c4625551-554cef3b-736b4faa@
User-Agent: Asterisk PBX
Contact: sip:204@
Content-Length: 0
X-Asterisk-HangupCause: Normal Clearing

This feature is not fully working for the moment but at least now we know were it popup in the dialplan.

Starting with what Dimitripietro had posted about the park softkey on the Polycom 601, I ran some test of my own. Here is what I saw and was able to perform.

With a call established to the Polycom, I pressed the park softkey on the phone. Watching with sip debug enabled, I did not see anything occur at this point. One I entered a digit (it did not matter if it was the park extension or any sigle digit) and then pressed the park softkey again, I saw the Polycom phone make the REFER callpark@“current context” request to the server. Since I did not at that time have a “callpark” extension defined, the server replied with a “Decline”.

I then added the following line to my extensions.conf file:

exten => callpark,1,park()

After reloading the extensions.conf file, and restesting using the park softkey, this time the asterisk server responded with a 202 Accepted and proceeded to park the call at 701 and the Polycom phone disconnected.

The only problem I saw was, the park location announcement was played to the phone being parked and not to the Polycom phone. If metermaids is included as part of asterisk V1.4, this may not be a problem since you would be able to monitor the parking slots with the Polycom phone and see where the call was parked.

This testing was done with the Polycom phone using bootrom 3.2.1 and sip application V1.6.7.