Putting call on hold, picking up from different phone

We are used to a Nortel phone system where you can put “line 1” on hold and walk over to another phone and pick up line 1 on that phone.

Of course, there is no exact concept of this on the Asterisk system - and I didn’t think it would matter.

But now some of my users are asking for this.

Is there a simple way to accomplish this? I assume that call parking is the only way to go here - is there a simple “one button” way to accomplish this? I don’t want the users to be forced to remember “parking spots” or anything.

If it matters, we are using Polycom 320’s.

I appreciate any guidance!

The one thing I would like to throw out in the topic is, have you looked into switchvox yet?

With the Switchvox Switchboard you can actually see the full list of calls that are in the parking queue (without having to remember a specific parking ext #), and then pick them up at any ext with the Switchboard.

Asterisk has these same capabilities however it doesn’t offer that End User ‘Switchboard’ portion straight out of the box.