Playback and Background crackling sound, MOH fine?

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with Asterisk: the playback in the functions Playback and Background gives a very crackling sound. I’ve tried a few file formats but they all result in the same. I’ve even tried MP3, which i also use for MOH. The weird thing is, MusicOnHold and stuff sounds perfect, i have no problem at all with these functions.
I have a Asterisk on Ubuntu 7 (Linux kernel with CONFIG_HZ set at 1000). I only use SIP channels and have no Digium-hardware installed. Conversations (phone-to-phone over SIP) sound perfect too, just like MOH. I have installed ztdummy, but i am not sure if asterisk actually uses this.
Does anyone know what the problem can be and how I can fix this?


Does no one have a solution or at least an idea about this? I’ve done everything i found on websites and forums but nothing helped. I’m even thinking about running other IVR software on Windows and transferring between Asterisk and the other software, but this would cause a lot of extra work and I’m not even sure whether other software would run OK. So if anyone can help me with this, I would be very happy!

EDIT: Never mind, I think it was just the server. I have Asterisk running on another server now and it seems fine.

I am having a similar issue, did you ever resolve this ?