MOH gets fuzzy after 30 seconds

I’ve looked high and I’ve looked low and I’ve hunted all over the internet and various Asterisk forums trying to get a solution in hand for this pesky problem I’m having with MOH. My setup is Asterisk HEAD (although this also happens with stable), one x100p clone (problem also happens when I remove this card) and runing this all with Asterisk @ Home 1.5 (although this also happens with prior versions too).
After about thirty seconds of playing music on hold (I’ve played with the player, using rawplayer, too, but this still happens with that too) the stock Asterisk moh mp3 files start to sound distorted and get faint. There then comes on the line fuzzy static and stuff. This happens on both the zap and sip lines but never happens on internal lan calls from sip phone to sip phone. Everything else works fine in Asterisk except this. Anyway hav similliar experiences or can offer some troubleshooting ideas?