Bad sound when playback or MoH


i’am new to asterisk and now i have a problem
i’ve made the following extension

exten => 6000,1,Answer ;testing music on hold
exten => 6000,2,MusicOnHold() 

Now when I call this I get a really bad sound, it sticks voor a couple of of seconds and continues and so on, also is the quality really bad.

I’ve tried to use other codecs, other music file. But now i really don’t know anymore.

Also I have the same problem when i use the playback function and the voicemail.

Greets Luc[/code]

what version of asterisk?

post your musiconhold.conf file

Also what kind of hardware are you using ? Do you have any issues when making calls from one extension to another ?

Sounds like you don’t have a timer.

See link


Hey all,

musiconhold.conf is the same as i started nothing changed.

using asterisk 1.2.4
hardware: intel celeron 1Ghz
memory 512GB
nothing special futher
This all on FreeBSD

Btw. This bad sound is not only with the MusicOnHold but also with the playback en background functions.

Greets Luc

I’ve not installed any Zaptel things. So I quess it could not be the timer.

Any other idea’s?

Are you running an X Server on that box? If so, get rid of it.

If you did not install a time than that would be the issue. If you have a digium card then it should do it for you. if not you need to compile zaptel with ztdummy first.

I have a Sangoma card, does that provide a timing interface in the same way as a Digium card?

Also how do I get “modprobe ztdummy” to be run on each startup or atleast how do I get the ztdummy modules loaded at startup?
I’m running Debian 3.1 Sarge.



I don’t have any cards in the pc.
All incomming & outcomming are VoIP. So we have an voip provider who provides us with the lines.

Thus we do not need any cards for connecting Analog or ISDN.

And I do not have X server installed.

Hope anybody got some idea’s :smile:

I’m trying all day allready to get the ztdummy driver work with asterisk.
Can anyone tell me how to do this.

I’m using FreeBSD and the portstree
this one to be exact:


Have you looked at this link?

This was how I got mine working…


I was having problems with this issue as well. I have the wctdm driver loaded and still having issues with MOH sounding like crap. I did some experimenting: I removed the zaptel driver completely and started asterisk. Using just my sip phones I dialed my moh test ext. It was fine. Ok so Zaptel driver is the issue somewhere. What I eventually found was that I was compiling the zaptel module with Pentium MMX extensions (I am using a PIII-933). I removed the MMX extensions and reloaded the wctdm module. restarted asterisk and tested MOH again. This time it was fine.

So…Bottom line is… don’t compile Zaptel driver with MMX extensions. Apparently they are broken?