MP3 Playing Issues after upgrade

Hey all, I have a problem. I have two Asterisk boxes. The first one is Asterisk 1.2 with ZTDummy, running on Debian 2.6.8 x86. The second box (with more or less the same config files from the first) is Asterisk 1.4.2 with a Digium TDM800P card, running Debian 2.6.18 x64. Both of the machines have the same mp3 files, both have mpg123 v0.61.

Using a Cisco 7960 SIP Phone: On the first box, MOH works just fine, and so does cmd MP3Player. On the second, MOH restarts from the beginning every time its called, and cmd MP3Player dies a miserable death. It plays the first second or two of a song then goes staticy and dies quickly.

If I call into the second box using the Digium card, MP3Player comes across just fine. So I’m a bit confused, and I’m not sure why it doesn’t work on only the sip channel.

So can anyone tell me at least what the difference between MOH in 1.2 and 1.4 are. So I can possibly figure out why it resets on every single call. On my Asterisk 1.2 machine, there was a proccess that was always running for mpg123 for the MOH sets, on 1.4 - even when the music is playing I don’t see any processes listed.