MoH: good on SIP, not on other codecs


I have a problem with my MoH. I’ve three computers in different locations. All of them have same problem with MoH that it doesn’t play properly. It is very choppy, plays in bits in pieces, sometimes stops at all for a few seconds.

I have asterisk 1.2.4, using ztdummy, provider is SIP provider. Calls are voice prompts play ok with no problems, but only when it puts a user on hold or in queue where MoH starts, it starts giving problem.

MoH problem is not with other SIP users from the same provider. MoH problem is only for callers who are from other providers, from PSTN or from cell phones.

What can be the problem. Over last two months I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried changing RTP ports, putting servers on public IPs, using native-format, by-pass routers, using A@H, etc. but MoH never worked properly. I guess it is good only on SIP but gives trouble on other codecs, or maybe there is something else wrong. Can somebody help me on this. I’ve setup a test number which if somebody wants to dial, can check what my MoH looks like. It is 647-258-4243.

I just dialed your number, and there was something very peculiar that I noticed…

It seems that when I muted my handset, the MOH fell silent, and didn’t come back on at all. When I unmuted my handset, and made SOME noice, the music was there. (I was just humming into my handset.)

It seems like what you have is an mp3 file recorded at a very very low level.

Try replacing the file (if only temporarily) with something recorded at a higher level, or raising the record level of this file. (There are a few winamp plugins that will do this for you.)

I think the trouble is, your sound level is so low, it’s not seen as sound. By adding more background noise (my own voice) I was able to get the two sound sources to be noticed by the Asterisk box.

I think the problem is you don’t have a hardware timer, ztdummy might not be doing it’s job properly or might be misconfigured. Try adding some simple hardware to see if that helps (say, an X100P).

Problem was with the DID provider. I’ve changed the provider and now it works ok.