Personal announcements once call is in queue

Hi, I am using Asterisk v1.6. I am looking for some help regarding queues, once a call gets sent in a queue I would like the caller to hear a personalised message such as " please continue to hold…", then after a few minutes again " please hold" and loop until call gets answered by agent. It’s possible to do this by sending the call to the queue for a period of time then taking the the call out of the queue, playing the message and then sending call back to queue, but the the callers possition in the queue would have been lost, any advice would be appreciated, many Thanks

This is a standard feature.

Hi david55

Can you please explain further, do you mean that I should be able to accomplish what I want once the calls gets sent to the queue?, if possible can you provide a sample of how to play a personal recording to calls waiting in queue.
Thanks again.

See configs/queues.conf.sample

In particular, look for: