Queue options

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is it possible for a call to enter the queue after x amount of seconds the caller to be given two options of continuing to hold or leave a voicemail message?

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From the sample queues.conf file:

; A context may be specified, in which if the user types a SINGLE ; digit extension while they are in the queue, they will be taken out ; of the queue and sent to that extension in this context. ; ;context = qoutcon

You can set up the announcement using periodic-announce and periodic-announce-frequency.

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at the moment we have the queue set that if the person calling in presses 1 it will drop out of the queue and in to voicemail

but i would like to give the option of staying in the queue or to leave a message if its possible?

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If you want to provide them with choices, you would set up an IVR on the press-1 extension which either sends them to voicemail or back into the queue.
You can also record a message “Thank you for your patience, please continue to hold. If you’d like to leave a message and have someone call you back please press 1” And use that as the periodic announce message.

ohhh i see now

thanks for the info :smile: