Prerecorded answers for agents

When a call in a queue connects to an agent, we want the ability to play a pre-recorded message to the caller upon connecting. Ideally, the agent will hear it as well.

Some proprietary companies have this ability, the agent would record a greeting for each queue and if they get a call connected to them, the greeting will be played, rather than having to repeat the opening line each time.

Does Asterisk have some sort of functionality built into the queue system, if not, how could I go about doing this in the dial plan?


The only way I can think of doing this is to use a local channel as the actual queue member, then use the A option on the dial to the agent. Recent versions allow announcements to be played, in parallel, in both directions.

Queue announcements are generally queue, rather than agent, specific, and are done in the “all our agents are busy, but we really want your call” phase.

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