Periodic-announce override from dialplan

periodic-announce = periodic_14_9_22 ; default
periodic-announce-frequency = 60
announce-position = yes
announce-holdtime = yes
announce-round-seconds = 5

I have a variable ‘ivr’ in extensions.conf,i want to use default periodic announcement in normal case, as set in queues.conf, but when value of ‘ivr’ is not 1 in extensions.conf, i want to override periodic-announce in queue.

As per doc, we can override periodic announcement using this:


In extensions.conf :

but its either playing default or not playing at all.

I am using asterisk 16.2.

The documentation says the announcement is to the agent, at answer, not a periodic announcement.

Also Asterisk 16 is past end of life, and 16.2 won’t be the safest version of 16.

The T option would be a security risk in most uses of Queue.

[ ] are meta characters used to describe the syntax.

You are missing placeholders for several parameters.

Macros have been removed in Asterisk 21, so you should not create new designs which use them.


Thanks for your reply.

can you let me know any other way around for that task.