Intermitted periodic-announce Issue

Hi Everyone,

I hope there is someone that could help me out on this.

My dialplan has a call queue and in this call queue I have it set to play an sound file using the periodoc-announce setting and then to have it playback every 30 seconds after that using the periodic-announce-frequency setting.

The problem is sometimes this works and sometimes it does not. When it works the announcement plays and will play every 30 seconds. Then I might make a change in another conf file completely disrelated to this or reload conf files or even restart Asterisk. It will then not work. I leave the Asterisk server running for 5 hours or so and the next time I test it it works until I do some sort of change.

Here is an excerpt from my queues.conf file.
periodic-announce = jfys-please-hold
periodic-announce-frequency = 30

I’m running Asterisk version 1.2.4