Periodic-announce problem

I am trying to get the periodic-announce/periodic-announce-frequency to work. After some reading I got the impression that the configuration below should work, but I the announcement is never played… And I have restarted Asterisk…

Any ideas?

My queues.conf-file:

; This fil was originally automatically generated by asterisknow,
; I added only the two lines with periodic-announce-frequency
; and periodic-announce. Oh, and I changed Agent/602 to
; to SIP/602 (and 603), because I don’t want or need that the
; employees have to log in as an Agent.
persistentmembers = yes
autofill = yes
monitor-type = MixMonitor

fullname = Robin den Runde
strategy = rrmemory
timeout = 15
wrapuptime =
periodic-announce-frequency = 10
periodic-announce = queue-periodic-announce
autofill = yes
autopause = no
maxlen =
joinempty = no
leavewhenempty = no
reportholdtime = no
musicclass =
member = SIP/602
member = SIP/603