Queue Announcments break when member added

I am having problems getting the periodic announcements to work in a queue.

I have the following configured in queues.conf:

periodic-announce = custom/queuemessage
member => Local/101@q-member/n

In the dialplan I am simply using:

exten => testqueue,1,Answer
exten => testqueue,n,Queue(queue-101)

Everything works except the periodic announcement never plays. If I remove the member => line then announcements will play. I have tried normal announcements and those also break whenever I add a member line to a queues configuration. I also tried changing the member to just a sip channel (SIP/101) but that made no difference.

Anyone have some thoughts?

Almost forgot, this is with Asterisk

you must write a ‘timeout = XX’

Wow, that was it. Thank you very much barboles7199, this had been driving me crazy.