Pause after dialing 7 digits

I have a dial plan setup that any call that starts with a 9 and follows by 7 digits to strip the first number.

The problem is when I dial - 95551212 - the Asterisk system is pausing for 20 seconds before the screen on the phone switches to “Calling…”. If I press the # key - the call is made immediately.

How do I fix this???

This may be due to a setting on the phone you are using. On a polycom it is the digitmap setting. Check with your phone documentation.

they are 3com 3102 phones and there is no setting that i am aware of.

To verify it is actually the phone, you can turn on sip debugging, and see at what point Asterisk gets the INVITE from the phone. If it is only after the timeout, or when you press the dial button, you know it is a setting somewhere on the phones. I did a quick google search and found an Asterisk /3Com guide, but I didn’t see a mention of a setting to change the map.

Thanks for the tip on the SIP DEBUG. Chad and I have confirmed that the invite message arrives after the timeout, or when the # is pressed.

Any ideas on how to change the timeout on the 3102 phone?