How to remove requirement for dialing #

I know this is basic, but how do I remove the requirement for dialing # after the phone number to reach the outside line? Currently we have to dial 9+NUMBER+# and I want to just dial 9+NUMBER or better yet, just the number - is that possible?


I’m not sure how you have your extensions setup, but I use 9+ dialing on my system like this:


If you dial your number and do not dial the # at the end, the system should timeout waiting for your last number input and eventually dial the number.

Does this happen for you or will it not dial out at all until you hit the #…?

In my system the # tells * that I am done inputting digits and to start dialing.

What version of asterisk are you running and kind of phone are you dialing from? I use a Cisco 7912G and EyeBeam with asterisk (source installation)

I’ve never had to use pound for OB calls. I dial 9 then the 10 digit number. On the cisco, if I don’t press the dial key after I enter the digits, it will send to asterisk after a few seconds. No matter if I dial a 4 digit internal extension or 10 digit pstn call, they go out the same.

There is two type of phone, those that send the terminator themself and those that you must send it manually or automatically after a timeout.

Polycom phones send the terminator themself but you have to carefully configure the digit map (or whatever they call this) in the phone.


If your phone is like the BT101, then you have to send the terminator manually because the phone does not support digits map so the phone never know when you are done entering digits. You send the terminator manually or, automatically after a timer that can be configured in the phone

The version of Asterisk as nothing to do with this problem, it’s a phone issue. Which phones are you using ?

To answer all of the questions, since the version of * doesn’t matter

Various phones - from a Linksys to cheapo phones and Sipura devices

Dialing 9 + 10 digits seems to work fine - no delay, no # required.

When we dial without the area code (i.e. 7 digit calls) then it requires the # or you will get a fast busy and dropped. Any way to get the 7 digit dial working without requiring #? A timeout would be fine, as long as there were at least 7 digits.