Help with extensions.conf

When i press 3 digits and press the botton “dial” on the phone then dial
but when I put in the dialplan exten => _2XX,1,Dial,(SIP/${EXTEN}) do not call instantly, I have to wait 10 seconds before start call. EX: 232…10seconds after,calling…

THat I wanna is when i press ONLY 3 digits the pbx start call automatically without wait.
Just, 232 calling…

I think something name like TIMEOUT=10 is then cause of it.
Please helpme to figure out .

Add to you AIM,MSN or GMAIL,

This is likely due to a setting on your phone. On a polycom it is the digitmap setting in the config files.

I’m using IP Phone SPA921

The answer is in the IP Phone admin guide, in the section named “Configuring a Dial Plan” (Starts on page 76 of the manual I downloaded from the linksys site.)