C a l l i n g w i t h 10 d i g i t s

Hola :smiley:
I was traying call to pstn using 10 digits, i mind, That the client put 10 digits and the call start inmediatly.
I have this in my dialplan

exten =>_XXXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(ZAP/g2/${EXTEN},tr)

I tryed using it but I have to wait 10 seconds I don’t know why!!

But i enter to the Phone by browser and i change Interdigit Long Timer: 2
And now I only had to wait 2 seconds before start calling
I mind. 8095378723 (2 seconds after pressed the 10 digits)

But i think that exist one way to do this with out configure in the telephone using the browser.
I’m using a Sipura SPA921 of Linksys


No need to shout…

You have to set the dialingplan of the phone up. It doesnt send any information to the * system till its happy that you are not going to dial any more. IE digit timeout or a dialplan match.