Issues with missing commands

having installed Asterisk i have noted whilst attempting to get the to know the system that many commands are missing when ? is typed inside asterisk. this is my current list:

! ael agent agi aoc calendar cc cdr cel channel
cli config console core data database devstate dialplan dnsmgr event
fax features file group hangup help http indication local logger
manager minivm mixmonitor module moh no originate parkedcalls phoneprov pri
queue realtime reload rtcp rtp say skinny stun timing udptl
ulimit unistim voicemail
SIP is missing as well as show and others, i have re-installed 3 times but to no avail this means not only can i not have this running correctly but everything must begin with core. i am pretty sure this is not right even with my limited experience. can someone please shed some light on this? please no crazy terminology im new remember

many thanks

If sip is missing, it means that failed to load (missing module, invalid sip.conf, etc.)

There shouldn’t be any commands beginning show. The trend has been to move anything like that down a level in the command structure.

obviously i didnt mean show as a command but there was a show in the command list fo sip show, how can i rectify this as it happens on all three asterisk tars on the download page?

Type “module load chan_sip”.

Report the error messages, and fix them if they are obvious.

many thanks david55 i did as suggested and i do now have the sip in my list although show is missing still yet i can sip show peers?? most odd. i am using Asterisk i am unable to use the ls command which again is odd. any other suggestions? i really do appreciate your help and i will make this the last question

ok david55 i have now realised my error in my terminology in the sip menu (ctrl ?) there is show apologies this still does not solve the issue of listing to find my exten.conf and sip.conf files i now have used the apt-get command in debian squeeze and would like to set up a soft phone but the video tutorials i am using are for an older version of asterisk (1.4.19)

can you point me in the right direction for an instruction guide or tutorial

many thanks