Native windows version

Will there ever be a native windows (or .NET) version of Asterisk?

The fact that you have to run (and manage!) linux is the only thing holding us back to use Asterisk in production deployments. Most businesses don’t want a product if they hear it needs Linux.

In fact, one of the largest telecom companies in Belgium would be willing to use Asterisk, if only it would exist in a Windows version that is as good as its linux counterpart!

And another big belgian telecom company will stop working with asterisk if they ran it on windows :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why choice is important!

Some like Linux, but many others are having better results and experience with Windows…

So you conducted a survey and this is what you found? In my experience most businesses use Linux and most MCSEs have a hard time accepting it.

Regardless of OS preference, think what would happen when there’s Asterisk on every desktop !


Are you really serious? I know linux is not quite as easy to install as windows, particulary wrt hardware (although we have all had plenty of frustration with windows as well). But it has gotten much better, and after you get through the install you are rewarded with a stable and reliable platform which you really need for this type of software/hardware. I use windows 2k at work and xp at home, and although its stability has improved it is still flaky. I still have to reboot my xp at home at least once a week, many times more often. When I’m transcoding a video file and things are crawling, I reboot and things magically start working normally again (at least for a while). Often times the whole system hangs briefly when accessing the disk or network. I also use unix and never notice these issues. We have unix boxes at work with uptime of months or even years. Don’t try that with any flavor of windows, even if you do nothing with it. I suspect it has a lot to do with how drivers are implemented, and widows spinlocks and such. Anyway, I work for a tier 1 telecom. We have a worldwide network with many thousands of network devices from dozens of different vendors. Reliability is important, with people’s lives litterally depending on our network. Our network elements range from a few hundred bucks to many millions of bucks. They use different protocols and technologies. There are many differences between these many types of devices, and there is only one thing common between them all. They are all deployed with a unix operating system. Not a single one uses windows. When peoples lives and peoples jobs are on the line, they will eschew windows every time. Just imaging if we had to go around rebooting our class 5 switches and other equipment! We use lots of windows boxes too, but they are for order entry apps and such. I don’t want to have dropouts in my calls, just because someone opened a file in wordpad or something and the system hung for a moment or two! I’ll take the minor inconveniences of linux to get a stable platform any day!