Asterisk operates under Windows

I read that Asterisk can operate under Windows, but on I can see that is does not run under Windows. Which one is it? If not is there an alternative solution for Windows platform

Asterisk does not run under windows.

I’m guessing that no one will have a recomendation for you.

This forum is for people who need help setting up and using Asterisk. It’s not really a general forum for VOIP systems and which is best.

There you go. These are the alternatives to Asterisk, if you won’t use Linux or Unix:




You have to read and inform yourself about the principles behind the creation of Asterisk. Things like reliability, control by the end user, freedom of choices, honesty and intelligence. All those things are anathema to Microsoft.

If you are willing to free yourself from the Windows shackles, there are many people who can help you. Otherwise, just stay in your little prison dreaming that master Bill remember you in his will.


Try looking here … ws+Support

thanks guys, and for those who are explicitly against windows and have genius sayings and ideas I should tell a bedtime story, once uppon a time there was a free Linux…

Yeah, and then what happened?

So you obviously like Asterisk but dislike Linux.

You are a very confused dude.

You should learn the advantages of consistency. If you like Windows so much, I already told where to go for help: Avaya, Nortel and Vonexus.


Dude, I am not confused dude. I am just sharing my opinio dude. For you I saved the ‘thank guys part’, and dude for others that came down on me, I am saying that history will repeat dude and that linux will not be as it is today dude. I am not crazy about microsoft, I just feel comfortable using it products dude.

Got it dude?

Yeah, and then what happened?[/quote]

You will find out when you grow up

I’ve been working with computers on and off for over 25 years (long before windows was around!) and with linux for about 11. How long will it take before i find out???

Well I have been around computers since the Commodore 64. It has taken me that long to realize that everything Microsoft touches turns to crap. I have seen the future and it is open source. Linux leads the way. Like a small snowball rolling down a mountain, it is slowly getting bigger and bigger. Asterisk is a if not THE kill app for Linux. I doubt Microsoft can buy their way out of a loss in this fight but I’m sure they will try.

There are a few Windows based PBX’s around. Take a look at this one.

The Commodore 64 was quite a sophisticated machine! It had a whole 64kB of RAM - heaps more than its predecessor, the Vic20, which i had a job writing games for back in 1981.

And, yeah, i agree the effect of asterisk on linux will be quite phenomenal, undoubtedly. Before very long there will be more linux boxes running PBXs in businesses than there currently are linux boxes in existence in total.

There you go. These are the alternatives to Asterisk, if you won’t use Linux or Unix:



Actually, you can cross Avaya off of this list… all of the newest Avaya PBX systems are now using linux as an OS.