Dose anyone use windows for Asterisk?

I’d appreciate some cases on Asterisk for Windows. Thanks in the advance.:smiley:

The closest I’ve ever come to using asterisk on windows is installing a linux vmware on windows and configuring it in linux still.

windows + asterisk = bad things.

i wouldn’t even bother - if you want a windows based PBX, asterisk is not it.

En, probably not. :wink:

haha arn’t there enough blue screens of death in production enviorments. I think so, I belive there is a bootable live cd out now for asterisk. But windows. Honestly I would say never.

“In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?”

“It said Windows 98 or better so I installed Linux”

“Microsoft is not the answer. Microsoft is the question. NO (or Linux) is the answer.” (Taken from a .signature from someone from the UK, source unknown)

All kidding aside, you might be able to hack * together to run under cygwin or make it run (slowly) under vmware (i have heard of a few people doing this). However IMHO it makes little sense- unless you are doing something huge you don’t need much of a PC for Asterisk. So grab a spare / old box and that will fit your needs 95% of the time. My BUSINESS pbx (production system) is running on an old P2-300 with 384mb ram I had in the basement. It sits on the floor, has no monitor or keyboard, and it does what it needs to. If i need to mess with it I SSH in and do what needs doing. Aside from the occasional power failure it never needs rebooting or anything. I don’t put much load on it, but it could handle it- I think the most load I ever put on it was a meetme conference, about 12 users, some of them on gsm or ilbc codec. Not a single skip.

So my suggestion is dig up an old PC (I’m sure you can find one) and load up your favorite linux distro and get * going…

Also there was a project called asterisk win32. as i recall. I don’t think it’s been updated recently though…

if you plan todo asterisk inside a VM or para-virtualized enviorment. I really suggest that if you use a machine dedicated to VMware. If its is VMWARE Server you will notice some big issues with asterisk, however Vmware Workstation, and GSX server are ok. For best performance use XEN or Vmware ESX Server

:unamused: not follow, do you mind explaining bit in depth?

[quote=“IronHelix”]“In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?”

“It said Windows 98 or better so I installed Linux”

That is one of the best, if not the best, quotes I have seen. :wink:

That is one of the best, if not the best, quotes I have seen. :wink:[/quote]
So, what do you think about using Asterisk on Windows? Why?

[quote=“whoiswes”]windows + asterisk = bad things.

i wouldn’t even bother - if you want a windows based PBX, asterisk is not it.[/quote]

did you not read any of the previous posts???

i don’t think anyone here has anything to think about asterisk on windows because we all know that if it works, it will work only passably.

i have 400 seats, and we average over 40,000 calls a day. i wouldn’t even CONSIDER running a windows based asterisk system, because i KNOW it wouldn’t be able to handle it. at home, for fun…maybe.

you’re taking a realtime application developed specifically for a particular platform and trying to port it to one of the most unstable and bloated platforms in existence…it just does not work outside of a fun lab experiment.

that said, if you’re interested still, then i would go to the support forums or mailing list for the asterisk on windows project and ask them, because i dobut you will find much info here…

I looked up the asterisk win32 project, from what i can tell it hasn’t been updated since january 2006 (v1.0.x).

FWIW I’ve had a few sites where it would be preferable for * to run on windows (on an existing server). When cost is an issue and they dont want to buy another server, I usually just dig up a cheap old PC from the company’s basement and load it up. Doesn’t always work but 9 times out of 10 there is something I can use.

Think of it this way-
Running * on windows:

  • Save money, don’t need to buy another server
  • Save space, only one windows server needed
  • Easier to administer, all on one box.


  • It probably won’t work
  • If it does, there may be an older version
  • even if you get something new to run, it may not be reliable

FWIW if done correctly windows can be pretty stable, so I’m not bashing windows on principle. The fact is tho that * is designed to run on Linux, and it runs great on Linux, whereas it may not run at all on Windows. Since is uses next to nothing if you only have a few calls, IMHO it is 99% of the time a better bet to dig up an old PC and use that.

Just my 2c tho. I hope you find what you need.

I would look at it this way…

Asterisk can be a major pain in the ass sometimes, most of the people on this forum are here for help. The software was designed to be installed on a *NIX based operating system. And most people here have done “their duty” and installed asterisk and had some bad beer dealing with asterisks problems.

I wouldnt take something that runs soooooo good when its done right, and port it to a new operating system, that couldn’t handle asterisk. I couldn’t imagine the amount of problems you would have running asterisks inside of windows for a production enviorment. I stressed tested vmware ESX with asterisk, and I will tell you native installs are much much better.

Hope this helps.

OK so we all know that Asterisk is a Linux thing.

and I ran the ast 4 windows before it BLOWS…
they have other PBX for windo’s as well …for LAN type stuff do not waste time…

But the VMware image of TrixBox works fine under MOST INTEL / INTEL CHIPSET … NO AMD or HT… windows systems, all that is needed is the FREE player or Free server from and the NVtrixbox image from

There will be no Zaptel and it is all GUI but you can run a Voip server with this setup (talking for play not work)

but you can have a voip server up in less than an hour after download.

thanks to you all. It’s time to get my hands dirty on *. :smiley: