Asterisk for Windows?

has anyone here tested or have any input on this Asterisk for Windows program?
its located at

Any reason why you absolutely need to use the Windows version?

No, I’m just asking if anyone has any exp with this or any feedback. My Asterisk installs are all Linux.

Yes, there is one very important reason why I would need Asterisk on Windows. It is called risk management.

A PBX system is - at least for me - a very critical factor in my private and business live. It allows me and controls the communication with the outside world. Pretty crucial for a business one would think.

I would like to be certain to be able to control my critical factors as good as possible. I’m not experienced with Linux, I’m very good with Windows. This does not mean that Windows is better than Linux or vica versa, it is just a fact of my live and my reality.

I therefore would like to ask the question again: Are there any plans to make Asterisk available on Windwos? I know there is asteriskwin32 but I would like to have it maintained by the creators of Asterisk.

Thanks for any answer.


I think if you listen to your reasoning and take a step back you might conclude that for your very own arguments, you would be a lot better off running it on Linux. Given how critical the PBX is to you, don’t you think you would be better off running it on the platform where it is being continusously stress tested by a very large user base. This isn’t the case and would not be the case for any Windows implementations. Even though you may personally have a little less ‘control’ due to your lack of familiarity with Linux - your platform is going to be a lot more stable than other alternatives.

(and don’t take this comment coming from a Linux only minded person, I’ve got a small business server 2003, and multiple XP-pro systems running in my domain along with my Asterisk/Linux box (and a few virtual machines running dev linux/asterisk boxes as well).



Thanks a lot for your response. Your argument is spot on related to stress testing and is one of the main reason why I would only consider an Asterisk windows installation provided by the Asterisk community.

I believe that if the Asterisk community would enable the platform on windows it would take little time to receive the same amount of stress testing, its a very nice feature to have. I’m am in a very lucky position to be able to build my own house. There will be a Cat6 network all the way through and what I’m hearing from the data guys is, that this kind of home networking is getting more popular. There will be even more home networks available since LAN over the power network is available and eliminates the cabeling hassel (I use it in my old house and it is brilliant!). If the Asterisk community would be able to provide a simple software on windows - the success of skype is that it is simple, you start it and it just works - it would just take of very very fast.

For me it boils down to where my threshold of pain - not being able to have a good PBX on windows available - lies and I’m going to invest time into exploring and learning Linux and running a similar network than you allready have. It is a true alternative.

Having said all this and really apprechiate your respons, I would be keen to know if a windows expansion has been discussed or even found a place on the road map of the Asterisk community/decision makers?



I have few skills win asteriskwin32 but after few tests and ~2 days I install asterisk for *nix machine. I am ,windows, (Win servers, AD, clusters…) guy but asterisk looks and works better on his born platform. Now it run on small Siemens Scovery machine (PII/400 - 128MB RAM) and works very very good and stable. (Yet Another new Linux power in my Win network :wink: )

Take this only as comment :wink:


Hi tomiisp
Thanks for your comment, it is very helpfull!