Can Asterisk work on WIN XP

im thinking of renting a dedicated IP for my voip business and i will need a software, i ehard that asterisk is very good software so i want to install on my Server. can anyone please tell me if i can run it on my WINDOWS XP ??? i really dont like linux and im really really looking for it to work on Windows, can anyone help me on that


It can. Hardly anyone uses it. As it doesn’t support zaptel/dahdi drivers, I imagine it will not support conferences and phones with silence suppression.

ok so is there any asterisk software to install on win xp and isnt there any alternative drivers for suporting that?? i just need to manage the calls make new accs for clietns, carriers, add traiffs, codedc , protocol conversion and wana see what calls going thru at the moment… and also i need a sipphone whcih i can get a freeware if win dont support yours…
so tell me if there is any way??

and are there any freeware softwares like asterisk which wokr on win XP?

Would you really trust anything important to a Microsoft platform? :open_mouth:

Use the Linux version.

i have used windows all my life… i dont like linux abit… i used UBUNTU once but i dint liked it at all

I’ve used Windows since day one. DOS before that. Macs too. SunOS, BEOS, Every flavor of Unix you can imagine. Novell for servers. Started using Linux when it was a 2 floppy disk distro. It’s never disappointed me like Windows has. It works. I’ve had server machines running Linux with YEARS of uninterrupted uptime. Can’t say that for any windows machine ever.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s uses for any OS, but why do you think that the majority of servers are running Linux these days? Or why are all the great things like Asterisk being developed on Linux?

That said,
Servers—> LINUX
Graphics/Video editing—> Mac
Gaming—>Windows (or a console)

thx for the reply leemaisel
i understand now that its really improtant to run a linux on the server but tell me is there any other way of installing linux in windows(like an APP like WUBI) and i can close my comp everyday with asterisk is my comp right?

You seem to not want to give up on your Windows. Time to break the habit. You can run Linux on VMware but it would not run well. Once you mess around with Linux a bit you will so how easy it is. I was a heavy Windows mover and I slowly moved over to Linux.