MOH not working after module installed

Following installation of the AsteriskNow server I have managed to get my VOIP phone (Cisco 7960) registered and now want to sort out the hold music.

At the moment I put a call on hold and nothing which is to be expected. I have installed the MOH module and attempted to upload both an MP3 & a WAV, the MP3 upload process results in a SOX error and the WAV file comes back with no errors on the upload but again no hold music.

I am currently testing with a WAV file I have in my music library which maybe causing me an issue so wanted to ask the following questions.

  1. Where can I source free WAV or MP3 MOH which I do not need to convert or change bit rates etc

  2. What needs to be done to get the MOH working after the MOH module has been installed

I am new to AsteriskNow so please assume I know nothing when replying – thanks

Asterisk comes with free WAV MOH, providing you enable it in “make menuconfig”. If you are unable to access that from AsteriskNow, you might get better support on the AsteriskNow Support forum viewforum.php?f=14 .

MP3 MOH is of limited value as the fidelity of G.711 is relatively poor and GSM and G.729 are not really suitable for music.

Free MOH will be in short supply. Your best option may be to find some out of copyright sheet music and perform it yourself into Windows soundrecorder (or Linux sox - Audacity is another option for both platforms). The Creative Commons source from where the current Asterisk MOH was sourced might be worth investigating.

David thank you for your reply, What changes do I make in the config file you mention and can you give me a step-by-step?

I have also checked my version of AsteriskNow and am currently on 2.07

Thanks in advance

You have to install from source to do what I said, which is why I suggested the Asterisk Now sub-forum.