Missing MOH files

Hi All,

We recently installed Asterisk 1.6 after a fatal server crash a while back. I am still working this through and have come up with a new issue. We do not get any music when placing callers on hold.

What is missing are the native or stock files that we had with Asterisk 1.4. I looked in /var/lib/asterisk - I see the moh dir but there’s nothing in it. I don’t even see a monmp3 directory we had before.

I did a search on the server and could not find any “music” files in any directory. We have sounds - the native messages etc - but no music.

Can someone point me to them or do I need to download them or a “pack-age” - if so which one?

Thank you

They are downloaded, in an archive, by make install. There is no longer even a starter set because Digium got caught out because they worldwide copyright licence they thought they had wasn’t actually worldwide, and they had to change the music on hold.

Well that explains it I guess - thank you much. I have some guitar loops I hope I can use - right now we have dead air.