MOH in Asterisk 1.2.1 problem

I am getting no MOH at all, it is dead silent. On the console I see “start music on hold” and then right after that “stop music on hold”. So it starts and stops it straight away. Musiconhold.conf is configured correctly. Do I need to install or build something else as well?

Ok I had to install mpg123 again. after Asterisk has been installed you have to do the following:

  1. cd /usr/src/asterisk
  2. make mpg123
  3. make install

This will automatically download mpg123 0.59r from its source, unpack it and compile it. Make install will install mpg123 together with Asterisk.

Doesn’t 1.2 & above use “native” music on hold? Why would you still need mpg123?

Probably because as he mentioned in the initial post, it does not work. I had to do the same thing except I chose madplay instead of mpg123. There are no docs telling how to use the “new” method, the couple of mp3 files that come with the tarball evidently are not right since they don’t play, etc. etc. After lots of googling and wasted hours, I finally got it working the original way. oh well…

No further installations necessary. You might want to see the following thread; … usiconhold