I have my system setup to play MP3’s for MOH. This works.

2 questions.

I have maybe 25 songs in the folder and I have random set to yes. Every few calls the music fails to play, the console just says music on hold stopped. Is it a corrupted song? It does not tell me what the file name is.

When it first plays any song for hold it throws a error about header corruption, but normally plays it anyway. Is this related to the first problem?? What is header corruption?

Try playing the files with the MP3 player, without Asterisk.

Incidentally, why do people use MP3 MOH when telephone voice quality, even with G.711 is only equivalent to about 100kbps of linear audio, and only uses 64 kbps, and G.729 or GSM have very low music quality?

To me, it only makes sense if you are using G.711 with MP3 bit rates at least 4 times lower than the standard, 128kbps.

They work great just playing them over the speakers.

I use the MP3’s for MOH because they are easy. Ya I know the sound quality is overkill, but so what.

It’s not just that the sound quality is overkill but that you are going through relatively complex code in Asterisk, which could be avoided by pre-converting them.

What version are you using? I seem to remember there being some fixes for streamed media (MP3 is treated as streamed media) about six months ago.