List paging groups

Hi guys,
Is there a way to list paging groups?
Something like the “sip show peers” command in the CLI ?


Paging groups are just something that’s constructed in dialplan and consist of a series of devices to be plugged into the Page application that gets called from a particular extension. There’s no logical construct for a paging group as there is for a specific PJSIP (or chan_sip) endpoint.

Well, that is sad…
I’m building an app that is supposed to list the paging groups, clicking on a group will call that group and place them on hold (for the MOH)
Maybe there is another way to do this?

Define the groups in your application.

Normally, when people start asking about high level constructs that are actually built on top of Asterisk, they are actually using some sort of GUI that provides the dialplan code that implements the construct.

If that is the case, you need to use the support channels for thet GUI.

If you are using FreePBX, peer support is available form

As far as I know there are no other GUIs that are still supported.

I have a few call groups, and a lot of speakers connected to SIP phones with auto answer, for example:
100 = first floor
200 = second floor

900 = all of them
Option 1:
I can[quote=“johnkiniston, post:4, topic:69783, full:true”]
Define the groups in your application.
Just create a button for each group manually, and tell it to call the corresponding group
The problem with that is, that my application will not update automatically if I add a group, and I’ll need to re-code my app.

Option 2:
To find a way to extract the groups from the dialplan…

I think option 1 will be easier, but I’ll dig some more and get to a conclusion.

I’ll try to post there too

Thanks for the help…