Paging (broadcasting) with Asterisk and Polycom phones

Does anyone know if there is a mechanism in SIP to page through handsfree phones? Can Asterisk do this?


I’d like to know this also, as well as which phones support it.

Our office currently uses a Toshiba Strata DK system, and we use it’s intercom feature for inter-office comms.

I with you guys, paging info would be great.

Also I’m wondering (probably should be a seperate thread) does * have the ablility when coupled with a phone with speaker, to listen to the on-hold music through the speaker? If I’m sitting at my desk, can I program a button to play the on-hold music through the speaker, then cut off the music if I recieve a call? Then my next question would be can * have more than one source of music. Then the system would work like: I press the button to listen to on-hold music input #1, if I don’t like that, I switch to on-hold music input #2.

That is the way our current legacy PBX is setup now, and it is pretty cool to be able to have multiple audio inputs to the system. We broadcast some internet radio streams through the inputs and users can choose what they would like to listen to.

I guess if the * community wanted to get really off-the-wall you could setup a (optional) menu system in the voice prompts that would allow a person on hold to select from one of several differenct music choices (being either files on the hard disk, streams from the net, or live inputs into the soundcard).


Here’s something I got off the mailing list this morning:

That’s great Henry, but how do you use it?