While receiving Page Call, get extension number of the Page Group Call

Hi to all,
If any extension receives the Page Call (at the receiving end-CSipSimple Android Client), I need to know who is calling and call is initiated from which Page extension ?

For example,
300 is the Paging Group/ Page Extension
Under this page group 301,302 and 303 extensions are available.
Now 301 make call to 300, now other extensions 302 and 303 will receive the page call. Call is working perfectly. 302 and 303 will know, call is coming from 301.
But 302 and 303 won’t know the information about the Paging group extension number 300.
I need that information at the page call receiving end.
Is it possible to know that ?

What’s a page group? This sounds like a construct implemented on top of the Page application by some GUI. If so, you need to ask on the peer support forum for the GUI, e.g. https://community.freepbx.org/

Looking at https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Application_Page I think the A option would need to be used with an announcement file chosen based on (the original) ${EXTEN}.

Thanks for your reply @david551 ,

I am not not asking for the GUI, For your reference I had added the Paging and Intercom GUI.

See, I have the Paging Extension Number 300.

Under this Paging Group, I had added three ChanSip Extension 301,302 and 303.

If any one of the user under the group is made a call to the Paging extension 300, all the extension under the group will receive the Half Duplex Call. Functionally everything is working well.

See my case, Extension 301, made call to 300, Now 301, 302,303 are under the Page Group 300.

302 and 303 will receive the call notification, but those are know the caller information is 301.

My need is, 302 and 303 need to know call is coming from 300(Page Group Extension).

To achieve that, what i have to do ?

That is a picture of a GUI. This forum does not support the FreePBX GUI. You need to use the FreePBX support channels, e.g. the peer support forum I mentioned in my original reply.

The alternative is that you write your own dialplan in its entirety or try and do it using a FreePBX custom dialplan. However, in the second case, this is, again, not the write forum to ask about how to add custom code to FreePBX.

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Paging Pro will let you Prepend the Caller ID with the Paging Group - Here:

Might be a little overkill, but if you need it, it will work.