Paging When Busy Force/Whisper/Skip


While configuring the Paging in the FreePBX GUI I have 3 options to configure the Paging Groups when the extension is busy, Force/Whisper/Skip.

Where can I find these options in the conf files?



The peer support for FreePBX Is provided on

Thank you very much for your answer.

And I’m sure you know the answer for my question, but I wasn’t clear enough.

My question is: since I have another box running asterisk, without FreePBX, and I need to configure different paging groups with these different options, my question is where is such in the conf files of the asterisk. I only bring the FreePBX to make clear what exactly I’m talking about.

The features you are talking about are not native to Asterisk; they are implemented by the dialplan provided by FreePBX. You’d basically expect to find everything in extensions.conf (including any files that it includes).