Linksys pap2 problem


I have pap2. But I have problem. for every call, after a waiting for 10 seconds the opponent phone rings. can i shorten this waiting time?
there ara detailed settings in set up . can i solve the problem by changing the settings there? Im calling linksys web support. But tell me voice provider. My provider is ASTERISK. Im configure my server. nothing problem my server. With soft phone no problem. But phone adapter is problem. 10 second.

Please help me.


Just dial a # after the number :wink:

You can press # or, better, modify the dial plan on PAP2/Line1 or Line2 configuration. As soon as you dial the last number the phone called rings.

Ask Google about DialPlan & Sipura and you will find many examples.


Under REGIONAL change the value for;

‘Interdigit Long Timer’ from “10” to “5” seconds.