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Hi List,

I’m using the Voice RD plugin to sugarcrm open source edition 4.5.1 which is fantastic. It enables me to click on the phone icon and an outbound call is made.

There are a couple of things I’d like on top of this. Does anyone have or have experience with the following:

a) Inbound screen pops (without needing to have flash operator panel open)
b) Inbound calls logged to account history (an agi script exists on sugar’s contributed modules - any experiences?)

and the big ones:
c) On outbound dialing (like with the voiceRD plugin), can a record of the call automagically be entered into the account’s history; further,

d) Can the length of the call update the record of the call on completion.

Any ideas on this would make my world so much easier/neater/more-organised

Thanks for your contributions to this thread (or trolls) :smile:

A) Inbound screen popups are possible using asterisk desktop manager:
B) Yes, I did it in the past through an agi php script, I’m sorry but now I don’t have the source code and tomorrow I’ll go on holiday so I can’t help on this.
C) Yes, see B).
D) Sure, you have to launch a dead agi script on call end using the h special extension.


Marco Bruni

Thanks Marco - I’ll find some time in the next week to check out adm and screenpops.

Enjoy your holiday!

At this moment we are working hard on LIz. Liz wil be released september 1.

Liz is a full featured Asterisk plugin for SugarCRM 5 and up. It will handle both incoming and outgoing calls. With the manegement of multiple incoming calls, call transferring and call logging this is a revolutionairy Asterisk plug-in.

For more information look at our blog:

Good news.

Liz (The SugarCRM Asterisk module) 1.0 is released.

Check out: