Sugar NoteIn* : Asterisk integration with sugarCRM

Hi everyone,

I released a beta version of my module for sugarCRM. I hope some people will have time to test it and to give me some feedback.
Thanks to everyone who will test this module and help me to improve it

Sugar NoteIn* is a module for sugarCRM which provides you the possibility to take quick notes when you receive a phone call.
Sugar NoteIn* uses Asterisk Desktop Manager to provide a VoIP integration with Asterisk.
On new (incoming or outgoing) call, Sugar NoteIn* looks for the number into SugarCRM Database and the contact’s detailed profile also pops up in your browser.

Detailed presentation : here

Screenshots :

Download : here

Installation how to : here

Also registered in SugarForge but download only available on website for the moment.

Both English and French documentation available.

Thank you for giving me your feedback, any review or opinion will be appreciated as a valuable help to improve this product.

Contact : michael -at-
Website : Modulis voip asterisk montreal