Asterisk to SugarCRM Integration

I just installed and configured the ASteriskRD patch to Sugar CRM. From a UI perspective, the patch includes and displays a phone icon and dial features for contacts and accounts - on click. The feature is EXTREMELY popular. I can appreciate that there is a lot of code in the background.

However, the icon and functionality is missing for Leads. My client feels (and I agree) that leads should be included. Barring, customising the patch, there doesn’t seem to be a way to add this feature. Is there a parameter I missed? Is there something that can be done?

Secondly, there is a dial-out check-box under Admin Settings that allows you to choose a steering digit to get out. Now, most of us are hybrid VOIP and POTS. Is there a quick way to customise it such that the we can somehow choose VOIPS or POTS from SugarCRM? Otherwise, I cannot think of a way to direct the call to either trunk after you click. It essentially calls your extension, you pickup and then it dials out. Please advise. Thanks in advance.