Regarding popup for inbound

i want the popup should be displayed for each and every call for the particular agent to which the call is landed.i want it to be happened while using queues.

problem is since we use queue we cant call agi files from the queues.conf.

thanks in advance.

Maybe you could try to monitor Asterisk Management Interface ‘events’ and show a pop-up when particular agent is ringing?

i done it in extensions.conf before the agents ring but i want that popup to be displayed to particular agent when i configure with queues where ten agents are in the particular department.

anybody configured popup for inbound calls while using queues pls help me out.

actually im having the same problem, i want a pop up of data of the caller coming from sugarcrm, i plan to pass the caller id from the asterisk to the sugarcrm to have a key in quering the mysql database to retrieve the data…if i get the caller id from the asterisk to sugarcrm, i can easily do the pop up by using some javascript…but how can i pass data came from asterisk to another server?

Am i on the right track?im using php agi to retrieve data from asterisk

All i can do now is to read the caller id from the one whos calling…but it doesnt make sense,
maybe I’ll be more happy if the one whos being called is the one who hears the caller id read by the asterisk.That is also one of my problem…what is the use hearing your own caller id, of course the one whos calling knows what his caller id is…maybe i need something to redirect the channel, im not sure…

By the way, this is my code in reading the caller id for the one whos calling…In this code, if your the caller, you will actually hear what your caller id is, like 3002 or something…

This code is place in /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin

#!/opt/lampp/bin/php -q

<?php require_once('phpagi.php'); $agi = new AGI(); $agi->answer(); $callernumber = $agi->request["agi_callerid"]; $agi->say_digits($callernumber); //read your own caller id ?>

This directory also contains the phpagi.php who has the class you need to run myscripts.php

i want the popup should be displayed for each and every call for the particular agent to which the call is landed.

Any help or reply will be appreciated…I really need help on this…

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Please make us graduate!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

hi avs,

y dont u use call_inbound.agi which gives the caller id information to the agents. you can also fetch all the necessary information in this file modification itself.

Actually i got the popup for all calls but i done it using extensions.conf by calling agi files.what i need to do is, all the calls that comes in should be redirected to the agents in queue and from there i want to generate popup to appropriate agents.

use like this in extensions.conf

exten => 3002,1,AGI(call_inbound.agi)
exten => 3002,2,Dial(Zap/g1/3002)

in the above case u will get the popup first and then call will be landed to 3002.


Hello rajkumar4334,

First of all thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it.

In using call_inbound.agi, can you show me the codes inside it?
Have you made it by your self?
Is your extension code you gave to me applicable if i use SIP?Or i really need to use Zap?Like Dial(SIP/3002)??Because im using SIP.

I want to see the code of the call_inbound because i want to know how that script make the passing of data, and the pop up thing…

Hope you can show me the codes…

If I can make the sugarCrm receive inbound call and pop up the data i can graduate, else I fail.
if you can help me on this, then your my savior.

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Thanks again in advance rajkumar4334…

Thanks again for your reply…

is this the call_inbound.agi your talking about? … nbound.agi

do i need to revise it or change some codes to use it?

Or do you have you own call_inbound.agi?

Does it make a pop up to the person you calling?

Thanks rajkumar!!!

Yes the same file no need to make any changes.


it gives the popup to the agents whenever the call lands on their extension with the caller-id.

do u use vicidial?


Hello rajkumar,

Thanks for the reply again…

I dont use vicidial…I just view the code after searching about the call_inbound.php…

Have you use call_inbound.php?

Can u share the code you use?
I prefer to use a code with out using that vicidial thing or something if its possible…Because it can take time to study another application, and im running out of time now, but if its impossible to use call_inbound.php without using some vicidial thing igeust i dont have no choice…

Please share with the call_inbound.php codes and how you use it…Please…
You can send me the code and some instruction to my email, if it is ok with you…

I really appreciate the help rajkumar…