Installation help

heres the asterisk -vvvc output and it wont stay running help please:

Server is Debian Lenny all to date. setup as LAMP/SMB/DNS any ideas!

what causes this
[Aug 14 08:39:26] e[1;31;40mWARNINGe[0;37;40m[5551]: e[1;37;40mpbx.ce[0;37;40m:e[1;37;40m2981e[0;37;40m e[1;37;40mast_register_applicatione[0;37;40m: Already have an application ‘Directory’

which in return kills asterisk

Just follow the instructions on asterisk guru ( )

What I do if I install a new/fresh asterisk system is:

install a basic Debian etch system
add the packages named at the guru site
download the source code of libpri, zaptel, asterisk and asterisk add ons (mabe you dont need it all but installing it all you certainly will be on the save side)

install them accordin to the instructions (./configure make make install
start asterisk

You can try to fix your current system but I think it is much more easier to do a new install and go from there. Success!

thanks, I’m trying to consolidate my servers down to one, do you think my LAMPPR is the reason?

did you just apt-get install asterisk?
I always compile asterisk and everything else with it, I can keep up to date quicker than the package maintainers. How are you starting asterisk?