Please help, trying to compile asterisk-addons from head

Hi, i got the asterisk-addon and asterisk and zaptel source from the svn head source, everything compiles but i cant get asterisk-addons to compile, is there anything i have to do to get it to compile? because i need the latest asterisk to work for the h.246 codec. And i cant get asterisk to work. Please if someone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


Ohh and im trying to do this on debian, it also didnt work on centos4, both with 2.4 and 2.6 kernel, asterisk compiles and it wont start, i found when i installed asterisk 1.2 and asterisk-addons-1.2 it compiled and started fine. Im assuming the newer wont start due to the addons not being installed properly, am i correct here?


Please someone, if you can help me out.

I also can’t get asterisk-addons to compile on Suse 10.1. I need the mysql stuff. I tried older versions of asterisk-addons with no success. I have no problems compiling Asterisk, zaptel etc. What is it that is so different about asterisk-addons? Are there some librarys needed that are not obvious?

It’s broken. I found the same thing. Lot’s of mysql errors! Trunk IS bleeding edge so this can be expected from time to time. If you don’t or can’t use the 1.2 branch then your probably SOL till they fix it.