New to Asterisk, help installing on Debian

Hello, i’m a traniee in a VoIP company, and i have to learn Asterisk.

i can’t really find any good tutorials for configuration asterisk, the sample configs are very confusion because you get so much information.

Anyone who can help me with some guide for a simple Asterisk installertion
and howto configure it to, have 2 accounts which can call each other?

Yoou should start by reading this:

If you have any specific problems after you have read it, come back and ask.


Thanks for the link, but i see that in the pdf, they refer to 1.4 Asterisk, shouldn’t i use 1.6 ?

Yes, there are some differences, and zaptel has been replaced by dahdi, but the vast majority of the content of the book is still valid. It will give you the best start.


okay, i think i’m gonna follow the book for now, i have tried some howto’s and stuff found a round, but the didn’t make any sense at all, this seems to be good :smile: