Zaptel Woes

Hi there.
I am new to asterisk and I want to run a FreePBX on a CentOS 4.4 server, but I always fall at the hurdle of compiling libpri and Zaptel/Ztdummy. I am unable to provide specifics right now, as I am currently studying for a chemistry exam but I was wondering if anybody has any preliminart idea. I have yummed all the required packages down to the server including the kernel-devel package. But during compiling libpri I get some errors from GCC. I also just want to run ztdummy as I don’t have any hardware that I want to use (this server will just accept incoming SIP calls and route them to a SIP extension). The zaptel compile goes fine, but modprobe zaptel and ztdummy fail.
On a test machine I was able to compile asterisk without zaptel and libpri, but things like conferencing and MOH were not working. However now I cannot even get amportal to start! Error code 1.

Any ideas anyone?

Hi degers,

are you installing Asterisk on a VPS (virtual private server)?

I am in this case and after spending a lot of time, I discovered that in the case of a VPS, /sbin/modprobe and /sbin/insmod poit to /sbin/true and there is no way to hope loading kernel modules.

But it seems that one needs only loading ztdummy module because it is needed for conferencing (with meetme Freepbx module), and there is another conferencing module which does not need ztdummy.

So what I am trying to understand, is it possible to install asterisk without zaptel and without having errors when running asterisk and freepbx?
Is there any option to give when compiling and installing asterisk to tell it that I don’t use zaptel?

I hope I helped you at least partially.

I am not trying to install Asterisk on a VPS. I will try Asterisk now without zaptel. I was just wondering if ztdummy is needed for music on hold?

Yes, load ztdummy and music on hold will perform better (don’t forget to set internal_timing to yes in asterisk.conf and restart Asterisk) .