Help! Help! eVERYONE

Hi to all,

I want to ask for a help.

I need to know more everything about asterisk. what do i need to do to run a new asterisk server.

Hi Sir Mike,

Good evening.

Hi sir how are you? I just have a few questions regarding asterisk setup, currently i have an existing asterisk server running on debian linux. And im now connected in a callcenter company here in Philippines as system engineer and currently maintaining 100seats. Im planning to build a new server because right now im encountering some issues on my asterisk. Most of the time my asterisk server goes down during graveyard shift i think because of many outbound calls and another thing because of TPV (third party verification) that’s what on my mind right now. And sometimes the asterisk stop every 9am in the morning im not sure if there’s a setting for that applied in the system. I hope you can help me and share some ideas because im new in this application. Here are the following hardware specs and bandwidth im using right now and my new server specs.

  1. 2E1 connection
  2. Intel Pentium D 2.80
  3. 1GB Memory
  4. 200GB HDD
  5. Realtek 10/100 Lancard
  6. Eyebeam Soft Dialer for station

Please help me sir, i don’t use any digium card i want to know if its that ok. I follow some of your instructions but i think you use a T1 connection. I need to know what are the hardware requirements for my setup. Thank you in advance

Mar Macalanda

How many calls do you have going out at once ? What version of asterisk ? Anything show up in the CLI when it goes down ?

Thanks for your reply, Hi currently i have a 60 calls calling outbound not included the TPV third party verification. Everytime TPV starts the problem in asterisk occurs. then every morning my asterisk stop during 9am session i dont know if theres a timer or schedule assigned by previous engineer. Please help i also need to find out the solution in this scenarions.



It doesn’t sound like you’ve had a proper handover from the previous engineer… Actually I get the impression you do not have the gravity to analyze your problems. If you are not versed in Linux and Asterisk you will have to get up to speed, go through the logs so you can ask more specific questions.